About Us

Susanto, Paramita and Partners is a tax consultant firm that providing tax & management advisory, with members of certified Tax consultants registered at Ministry of Finance and as Attorney at the Tax court. we are one of the trusted consulting firm. with Partners with more than 20 years of experience in our firm.

Our Vision

Susanto, Paramita and Partners is to be the right partner as tax consultant to its stakeholders by rendering integrity value – added services to support our clients’ target, contributing to the consulting profession and to the industry.


Our Services

Tax Compliance

  • Compliance review in order to assess the tax exposure
  • Withholding tax compliance
  • Assist clients in response to tax office inquiries
  • Helping and assisting clients in tax audits
  • Helping clients for more optimum tax planning.

Tax Refund

  • Summaryzing monthly and annual tax refund.
  • Preparing monthly and annual tax refund proposal to the tax authority.

Tax Litigation

  • Assisting clients in regards of challenge from tax authority
  • Representing clients for objections and disputes

Transfer Pricing

  • Reviewing client’s documentation relevant to Transfer Pricing document.
  • Preparing Master File which includes ownership structures. jurisdiction, group business. intangible assets. consolidated financial statement. we also analyse financial and funding
    within the groups.
  • Preparing Local File which includesidentifying affiliate transactions. pricing strategy, and comparability analysis.
  • Concluding Arm’s Length Principle by testing the method applied.

Our People


Susanto is a practician in finance, accounting and tax with more than 20 years experience in national and multinational company.


Viriya get his Bachelor and Master Degree in Accounting from University of Indonesia, Have 5 years experience as tax consultant handling corporate taxation and accounting services. Currently hold Chartered Accountant and Associate CPA title.

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